Petition Instructions

Rules and instructions:

All petition signers:

•  must be a registered to vote in Harris County.

•  must sign the petition in their own handwriting.

•  cannot sign for more than one candidate in each race.

•  cannot vote in another political party’s primary or be a part of another political party’s convention.

NB: Please make sure their name, address, and birthdate are legible.


•  cannot collect signatures on county property.

•  need to sign the affidavits in front of a notary to comply with Election Code Section 141.065.

I can supply the notary when you return your petitions.

•  Print the petition on Legal Size paper.

If you need pre-printed copies, just let me know, and I will deliver them to you.

Also, let me know if you need a clipboard, pens, "Paul for Judge" business cards, or anything else to help informing people about my campaign. You are welcome to send them to the campaign website, for more information.

If you are collecting signatures from friends, family, or co-workers, please look up their VUID when they sign. That is a tremendous time-saver for me and ensures that their signature is valid.

You can find their VUID at:


Only the instructions at the top of the petitions must to read to the signers, but other rules apply to collecting signatures. If you want to read them yourself, click the links below.

I know people are often in a hurry, so don’t worry if you can’t confirm their VUID. As long as I can read their printed name, address, and birthdate, I can look up their VUID later.

Thanks again for all your help, I will forever be grateful for your time and efforts.