Attending Zoom Meetings

There are dozens of local Democratic clubs in Harris County. These clubs typically have monthly meetings and it is customary for candidates to attend. Before COVID, the candidates were able to discuss their campaign with the members and collect signatures. After COVID, these meetings moved to virtual (aka Zoom). The candidates typically still attend, but it is harder to discuss your campaign and impossible to collect signatures.

I have attended many of these meetings, but they sometimes overlap or conflict with other campaign events.

This is where my Volunteers come in. You can attend the meeting as my surrogate and, if you are comfortable enough with public speaking, give my "30 second Elevator Pitch" to the group.

Typically, the Zoom host will ask the candidates to use the "Raise Hand" feature in Zoom and then call on everyone to give their Candidate Introduction. I will provide you a script via email, so it is not something you need to come up with on your own.

I will also provide a Copy/Paste for you via email to put in the Zoom chat once you have said your introduction.

I will expect you to attend the meeting for as long as possible, preferably using the Background / Profile picture for the campaign. A trick is to use a background picture, but cover your camera so that the larger background picture stays visible.

Also, STAY ON MUTE unless you are giving the Candidate Introduction. Almost 2 years into this and people seem to mess that part up. Mute when you are not talking to the group and Unmute when you are.

If you want to watch some group meetings before volunteering, let me know and I can send you links to the meetings I will be attending. There is a meeting almost every week M-Th. and sometimes Saturdays.

It's also interesting to see what these clubs discuss and the speakers are often prominent and interesting members of our community.

Download Zoom Backgrounds and Profile picture